The Full Story


Henrik Gradin, PhD in electrical engineering at KTH, is the founder of Centiglobe and a serial entrepreneur.

It all started with a joint-research collaboration project with professors and other faculty from Stockholm School of Economics and The Royal Institute of Technology. The team started to do research around blockchain and bitcoin and realize that crypto currencies like bitcoin was very slowly and volitive. After a half year did, they instead focus on the new idea, to use the undelaying blockchain technology.

Centiglobe was founded 2017 and builds the underlaying infrastructure for international transactions.


We believe in a collaborative, efficient

and sustainable global payments ecosystem.



We create the most intelligent DLT

platform for global payments.



Never to do anything unless it brings value to client
Always putting the client first in every decision


Helping your team
See synergies and bring parties together


Give the freedom to foster innovation
Create new research

Curiosity to change and gain new insights



We are open and transparent towards employe, customers and partners
We have a global, open and objective mindset encouraging thoughts, ideas and people


Democratization of power and economy


A long-term mindset
Have the integrity, many short term sacrifices for long term gains


The key features of Centiglobe are transparency, security, decentralization, and global reach. These features mean that no single actor will control the system and that access is not limited by geography, and that assets and monetary transfers are more secure, transparent, effective, and faster. 


These features connects Centiglobe to the goals of Agenda 2030, e.g. tackle global poverty (goal 1) and inequality (goal 10), facilitate growth through effectivization instead of increased consumption (goal 8), and more cooperation in global trade (goal 17).


The key feature of transparency gives the possibility to trace transactions and therefore lowering corruption, together with the claims above, increase the trust between parties and securing trust for the digital society. 

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