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Empowering smart cross-border payment solutions


What we do

Centiglobe are front-runners in cross-border payment solutions and the link between traditional payments and tokenized assets. We provide banks, payment providers and companies across the globe with distributed ledger payment technology, enabling innovation and disruption of cross-border payments and settlement of tokenized assets.

Why Centiglobe?

We help banks, financial institutions and companies to unlock and accelerate business value.

Enabling predictable, transparent, secure and instant global payments. Powered by DLT.


Increase revenue


Direct access to new markets

New inflow of payments volume

​New payment services with conditioned payments

reduce costs

Reduce costs


No need for correspondent bank accounts and local prefunding

Reduced counterparty risk

Alternative payment rail to Swift

Our solutions

Smart Conditioned Payment

Predictable Global Payments

Smart Conditioned Payments

Our global payments transaction solution enables instant, secure and transparent cross-border payments. Eliminate intermediaries, counterparty risks and become your own digital correspondent bank. Get access to new markets and payment flows with one API integration.

Our smart automated payments solution enables instant settlement of payments for tokenized assets. With payin and payout functions for investors and issuers combined with conditioned payments through smart contracts, counterparty risk is removed. 

One API -
Global Reach

By integrating with our API, you gain seamless access to a global network of payment providers, simplifying your payment processing and expanding your reach worldwide.

Your success is our success!

We harness our financial industry insights, business process experience and distributed ledger technology leadership to help you transform global payments.

Through our permissioned payments transaction solution you get global access to multiple markets and currencies - all with one integration.

Trusted Partners

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As companies expand global reach, cross-border payments become a necessity, increasing demand for better instant payment solutions. In parallel it will become increasingly difficult for banks and payment institutes to differentiate their offering towards end clients.

The winners of tomorrow will be those that are first movers and already today start engaging in real business projects utilizing new DLT powered payment solutions to secure innovation and growth.


Join our global payments network to become a front-runner meeting market and customer demands!

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