Master Thesis 2020

Open source payment infrastructure

Today the global payment market is based on centralized services and proprietary protocols. This is costly, mainly for developing countries.

This thesis is about defining a decentralized open payment communication standard based on existing HTTPS web communication standards together with the financial standards of ISO20022.


A good knowledge or interest in learning secure web communication through HTTPS and certificate handling is needed.

​Privacy and public information on DLT and blockchain

Most of today’s blockchain protocols do not support computation on encrypted data, and for this reason, agreements between parties are public and visible to anyone with read authorities. Many agreements and use cases require data to only be accessible by the parties involved in the agreement and, therefore, there is a great need for privacy in DLT systems.


The degree project entails analyzing Centiglobe’s blockchain protocol, decentralized exchange functionality, payment services and other aspects of the system, and identify how the system could be enhanced by privacy technologies, such as trusted execution environments (TEE), multi-party computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). To demonstrate the results, the student will develop a prototype using one or more of the technologies mentioned. 

Mathematical Rebalancing algorithm

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be utilized to create new kinds of financial assets and protocols that increases trust and provides higher security. In recent years, there have been various protocols that enable the creation of decentralized versions of currency baskets, index funds and ETFs. A token basket protocol amasses a portfolio of tokenzied assets with different weightings. To manage and rebalance the asset distribution in a desirable manner, the decentralized system must depend on mechanisms that are secure and fair, and protects the system from manipulation.


The proposed degree project entails analyzing different properties of a token basket protocol, such as safety, security, fairness, effectiveness and decentralization. The student will create mathematical models of aspects of the system and present simulation data to support their conclusions.