Payment solution

Transactions is secured on a shared cryptographically secured blockchain ledger verifiable by any party running the system.
Volatility, FX spread and risk is minimized due to the transactions being made using regular 100% backed currencies guaranteed by the financial parties of the system.
Cost is reduced by almost 90% for international transactions by enabling FX conversions instantly and automatically during an international transfer.
Transparency is achieved by a decentralized verifiable ledger by all parties
Instant cross border payments by settling thousands of transactions every second, which is record speed compared to other decentralized solutions.
Openness is achieved through open and messaging protocol agnostic solutions
Integration simplicity by only 1 integration point for global payment reach to all other parties
Environmental friendliness by settling these transactions decentralized with minimal compute resources.

Main Benefits with Centiglobe

Previous issues

Today payment systems are essential for the functioning of the financial system. However, current international transfers and currency exchange include several costly and time-consuming layers of intermediaries, which results in transfer times of multiple days, high costs, and risk exposure. These layers comprise both institutional actors such as Banks, intermediate and correspondent banks, central banks, as well as operational systems such as messaging protocol (e.g ​SWIFT​), real-time gross settlement (RTGS) (e.g RIX​), payment system (e.g ​Bankgiro​/​Swish​), security deposit (e.g ​EuroClear​), clearinghouse (e.g ​Nasdaq​), counterparties (e.g L​CH​) and FX Systems (e.g ​CLS​) handling the currency conversion. Without direct connectivity between transacting parties, factors such as traceability and costs often are a black box to sending and receiving parties.


The Centiglobe platform offers a single infrastructure that delivers frictionless instant payments in a multi-currency environment. Instead of using a constellation of 
technologies, unstandardized messaging platforms, third party solutions and centralized untransparent networks the Centiglobe platform offers a decentralized, global solution that eliminates the need of the many intermediaries and that gives banks, financial institutions and business the possibility to send and receive payments globally, instant and directly between each other at a fraction of the cost compared to current solutions.

Cost efficency

The platform can be integrated as the backbone or as a complementary solution to existing structures for any transfer provider, from large institutions and Banks to smaller payment providers. Centiglobe takes the benefits of decentralized blockchain ledgers while minimizing the foreign exchange risk, regulatory challenges, and volatility typical of other cryptocurrency solutions.

Users will benefit from the decentralized connectivity, standardized technology, and data attachments with each payment initiation, enabling simpler management of KYC and AML data between the parties. Centiglobes decentralized financial technology outperforms today’s centralized infrastructure by driving down costs, increasing transaction speed, and enabling end-to-end visibility into the payment flow, transaction cost, and delivery. Centiglobe’s technology solves the current challenges of cross-border payments and allows fast, transparent, and secure global payments in real-time.