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Financial Service Providers
The future is here with Centiglobe´s innovative payment infrastructure. Join our collaborative Instant Global Payments Network of FSPs and create more value
and service benefits to you and your clients.

Centiglobe creates new revenue streams, improved margins and reduces the cost of capital.

The platform gives full traceability and transparency of payments while also securely and reliably reducing risk.

Reach new markets, counterparties and segments through the platform. 

It also enables transactions in non-convertible currencies.

Provide a crossborder PaaS to your clients.


Pre-validation messaging service.

FX is hedged outside platform but integrated.

Next Generation of Cash Management for Corporate

The Centiglobe platform will have a major impact on cash management for corporate treasuries. Centiglobe reduces the need for regional cash pools and improves liquidity management. By enabling instant payments to subsidiaries and suppliers in near real time the improved speed and transparency reduces uncertainty and the necessity to build up liquidity buffers.

Liquidity is concentrated at the head office and re-allocated from foreign subsidiaries and banks. As free cash is generated the cost of capital is reduced. So are many frustrating man hours in tracking lost payments among the correspondent banks.


Centiglobe is changing the treasury cash management landscape.