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We listen to customer needs and answer with a business solution that is based on the unique Centiglobe value add designed to create value for our customers.

Our design will help you optimize the use of capital and manage risk, making it easier to anticipate and respond to your markets, and enabling you to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In the coming years, the technologies and processes supporting the global payments space will be transformed by digitization. Key for success will be to find secure and transparent solutions for automation, new business models, predictability, and risk management.

Our payment transactions network, and unique technology, create trust and transparency in payments, enable financial flows, reduce counterparty risk, cost of capital and operating cost to compete more effectively.


Connecting Financial Flows

Our DLT payment transactions platform plays a vital role in connecting and facilitating financial flows. By integrating tokenized cash backed deposits and transformative technology, we provide a robust infrastructure that enables efficient and secure operations. Businesses can optimize fund movement, streamline transactions, and reduce costs. Our platform ensures seamless connectivity, empowering organizations to navigate the financial landscape with confidence and achieve greater efficiency and differentiation in their operations.

Members connects easily to the platform by standardized API:s that facilitates communication and value transfers.

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Centiglobe Connect

As companies increase their global reach, cross-border payments become a necessity, stimulating demand for better real-time payment solutions. In parallel it will become increasingly difficult for banks and financial institutions to differentiate their offering towards end clients.

Our global payments solution enables instant, secure and transparent payments across borders that will help banks and payment providers to differentiate offerings to end clients as well as increase efficiency, reduce risk and automate cross-border payments processes.

Centiglobe Predictable Global Payments will help to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. The technology enables elimination of intermediaries such as CLS and correspondent banks hence reducing costs and rejection rates. It improves operations by automation and taking out the requirements for reconciliation. It will also have a significant impact on capital costs as prefunding can be substantially reduced.


In today’s volatile world clients are increasingly concerned about placing funds in client fund accounts across the world. With our Prectable Global Payments, this risk is mitigated as it is backed by top rated, systemically important banks, protecting the payment provider and the end client.

Centiglobe enables growth by providing access to new markets and new payment flows. With our DLT payment transactions platform, no correspondent banks are required to enter new markets and member banks will share new flows and clients.

For companies this will enable lower costs and disrupt current global treasury management as liquidity can be centralized to head office, resulting in freed up capital across the world and positive impact on the capital structure. 

By becoming members on our permissioned DLT payment platform, banks and payment providers will be able to accelerate business value by modernizing and transforming payments, resulting in instant and secure transfer of data. Our private DLT payment network is backed by regulated liabilities and through our members connect to local payment systems in each country, all adding up to stronger and better business relationships.


Use cases include:​​

  • Predictable instant cross-border payments

  • Access to global payments, new markets and flows without correspondent bank account

  • Improved reconciliation process and reduction of rejection rates through automation

  • Immediate collection and repatriation of funds

  • Access to a global network of payment providers with one API integration

  • Intragroup real-time netting / Intra group liquidity management

From that:

to this:

With Centiglobe’s solution, today's complex payment infrastructure is transformed resulting in instant secure and predictable cross-border payments with reduced counterparty risk.


Centiglobe Smart Pay- white-8.png


Centiglobe Smart Pay

The winners of tomorrow will be those that are first movers and already today start experimenting and engaging in real business projects utilizing new DLT payment solutions and technology to secure innovation.


Smart Conditioned Payments unlock new possibilities and foster innovation through our cutting-edge solution. With our advanced smart contracts capability, you can create differentiated offerings that revolutionize the way payments are handled. It  empowers you to implement conditioned payments and delivery versus payment solutions, enabling seamless transactions. By programming payments and linking with your business processes, you gain the flexibility to release payments only when specific conditions, such as the arrival of goods or settlement of tokenized assets, are met. Embrace the future of payment systems and redefine the way you conduct transactions with Smart Conditioned Payments.


Our distributed ledger technology (DLT) based on cash backed secured tokens, enables interoperability in between all types of financial flows possible. It connects traditional payment rails with different blockchains and tokenized assets. 

Use cases include:​​

  • Instant settlement of tokenized assets vs fiat cash without counterparty risk and intermediaries (Delivery vs Payment)

  • Conditioned payments - i.e trade finance and “pay per use” innovative business models

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