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Revolutionizing Payments

Centiglobe offers an instant financial multi-currency transaction system with a direct connection between parties, enabling banks, businesses and financial institutions to improve cross-border payment services; while lowering their total cost of settlements, exchanges and transactions. The solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of regulation by fitting within existing risk, compliance and information security frameworks.



Centiglobe ​is a decentralized cross-border payment system. The system is built using a blockchain protocol, where liquidity providers can issue tokens that represent an underlying asset. Each token can instantly be converted to its underlying asset using one of the outbound payment flow services maintained by a bank or financial institution. This feature gives users the freedom to access a multi-directional foreign exchange market without any delays. 


Centiglobe provides instant cross-border payments by settling thousands of transactions every second globally.


Using a public distributed ledger, verifiable by any party running a node, the transactional system is both secure and transparent. 



Transaction cost is reduced by almost 90% for international payments by removing intermediaries and enabling automatic FX conversions.

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