Revolutionizing Payments

Centiglobe offers an instant financial multi-currency transaction system with a direct connection between parties, enabling banks, businesses and financial institutions to improve cross-border payment services while lowering their total cost of settlements, exchanges and transactions. The solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of regulation by fitting within existing risk, compliance and information security frameworks


Instant cross border payments by settling thousands of transactions every second globally.


Transactions is secured on a shared cryptographically secured blockchain ledger verifiable by any party running the system. Transparency is achieved by a decentralized verifiable ledger by all parties



Cost is reduced by almost 90% for international transactions by enabling FX conversions instantly and automatically during an international transfer.


Centiglobe ​is a decentralized and permissionless cross-border payment system.  Value can be transacted and transferred globally, at near-instant speed, using a blockchain-based decentralized exchange. The system lets custodians issue blockchain assets that represent a promissory value, and any user can realize this value at any time using the blockchain protocol. This feature gives users the freedom to access a multi-directional foreign exchange market without any delays. Centiglobe's primary purpose is to facilitate a vibrant global economy that is more transparent, open, and collaborative than the centralized legacy systems of today.  With Centiglobe’s new parallelized consensus algorithm, thousands of transactions can be settled each second, while at the same time significantly reducing the environmental footprint commonly associated with blockchain technology.

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