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Improve your services

Centiglobe's decentralized platform allows Financial Service Providers to improve cross-border payments services for their clients.

Financial Service providers (FSP’s) can reduce the number of pre-funded accounts abroad and concentrate all liquidity into one digital account secured by collateral with a 3rd party global bank. In addition to reducing risk and capital costs it enables FSPs full flexibility in allocating liquidity based on customer demand and not size of the pre-funding. It gives a broader reach into new markets and enables smaller players to target B2B clients previously not within reach.

The improved dataset provided by the platform gives Financial Service Providers the possibility to resolve customers issues regarding transfer pricing, inefficient cash management due to cut-off times or on-behalf payments.

Centiglobe Network

Become part of a collaborative Instant Global Payments network of FSPs and provide a Cross-Border Payment as a Service to your clients with benefits as new revenue streams, improved margins and reduced cost of capital.


Centiglobe provides instant cross-border payments by using the latest technology. It allows you access to instant liquidity and automatic currency exchanges while settling thousands of transactions every second globally.


Our distributed ledger, verifiable by any party, provides secure and transparent transactions. It improves data which enables real-time tracking of payments, collaborative transaction monitoring, and easier fraud detection for Anti-money laundering (AML). 



Up to 90% of the cost could be reduced by removing intermediaries and enabling automatic FX conversions. Centiglobe decreases your cost substantially while increasing your earnings on international payments.


Current landscape

Payments and global trade should be easy but today it is divided and fragmented, filled with intermediaries increasing the time and cost of payments. With Centiglobe's new technology and interoperability, we can remove these intermediaries resulting in faster and more efficient payments globally. 


Our vision is to enable anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world to be able to pay and have access to the economic system. By a collaborative approach, we hope to achieve a more unified and globalized world, removing today's economic borders.


We use cutting edge distributed ledger technology and monetary policies from Swedish research institutions to improve the financial system while fitting into the compliance and regulatory frameworks. We also aim to improve customers services to detect fraud, money laundering and achieve traceability of transactions.