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  • Can anyone connect to your DLT payments processing platform, is it open?
    The Centiglobe cross-border payment network is a platform for regulated financial institutions. It is a membership platform, a so call "permissioned platform". Only regulated financial institutions such as payment service providers (PSPs), EMI's and banks which have been onboarded to the platform can execute payments through the network on behalf of their clients.
  • How does the Centiglobe cross-border payment platform work?
    Centiglobe is a technical payment infrastructure provider, enabling financial institutions across the world to collaborate on equal terms with the purpose to make instant, secure, cost-efficient and transparent cross-border payments. Centiglobe is never part of the actual transaction. Our innovative technology and governance, enables instant value and data transfer with seamless and automated validation of transactions.
  • You say that we don’t need a correspondent bank to do our global payments - how is that done?
    When you join the Centiglobe payment network, you become your own “digital correspondent bank” through the account on the digital ledger you receive on our private network. Our solution is based on distributed ledger technology (DLT), which enables secure, transparent and immediate transfer of global payments.
  • Does Centiglobe's solution use crypto currencies?
    Centiglobe's solution leverages tokenized bank deposits (fiat currency placed with a highly rated bank) as a basis for enabling instant, secure and transparent cross-border payments. It is not based on crypto or uses crypto currencies.
  • How do you join the Centiglobe payment network?
    To get started you do the technical integration to the network - one API - to transact with all other member financial institutions (banks, PSPs, EMIs) on the platform. You also sign the Centiglobe membership agreement - an agreement stating your rights and obligations on the platform. When your digital account is set up, you can start to transact with the other member financial institutions of your choice.
  • How do you integrate to the Centiglobe platform?
    Integration is done with one API to the global payments network. This integration enables you to reach all markets and connected financial institutions. It is also possible to access Centiglobe's FX partners for competive FX pricing if required.
  • What is Centiglobes role in the network?
    Centiglobe provides its bank/PSP members a messaging service via APIs and a decentralized ledger for collateral management. Centiglobe is never part of the payment transaction.
  • How is foreign exchange (FX) managed on the network?
    Bank members can quote each other FX rates on the platform. The prices are then streamed on the platform. However, all pricing and risk is covered in the regular FX markets.
  • What is tokenized deposits?
    Tokenized deposits is a digital representation of cash held in an escrow account with a global bank.
  • How is the end-client affected when we as a bank/PSP leverage Centiglobe's platform?
    Centiglobe is a technology infrastructure provider and only works with the Banks/PSPs. The end client is not involved or impacted.

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