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  • Is Centiglobes solution based on crypto?
    No, Centiglobe’s solution is based on tokenized bank deposits (fiat currency), secured by a third party. It has no connection to crypto currencies.
  • Can anyone connect to your DLT payments processing platform, is it open?
    No. The Centiglobe platform is a private, membership platform only, a so-called “permissioned platform”. Only licensed banks and payment institutes can become members and use the platform.
  • You say that we don’t need a correspondent bank to do our global payments - how is that done?
    As our solution is based on distributed ledger technology (DLT), you become your own “digital correspondent bank” through the digital ledger you receive on our private network. This enables secure, transparent and immediate transfer of global payments.
  • How do you join the network as a member?
    You sign a membership agreement which states your responsibilities and obligation, then you appoint a security agent and sign a security agreement. The account you hold with the security agent will be your digital correspondent bank account.
  • How do you fund your digital account?
    You fund your digital account by funding your account with the security agent. The process of is a one time activity to initialize pay-in capability and start to interact with other member financial institutions on the network. The collateral is held as a collateral for the payments.
  • Do you have to be a customer in a specific bank and have their specific token to use your platform?
    No, our platform is bank agnostic. The tokens are only used to transfer value and keep track of collateral status. You never issue a token or coin.

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