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Centiglobe and Zimpler partner to improve innovative cross-border payment solutions

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The first joint initiative enables digitalisation and automation of cross-border factoring between EU and Sweden.

Stockholm, Sweden; September, 26, 2023 - Centiglobe, a front-runner empowering smart DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) cross-border payments, and Zimpler, a fintech company providing seamless and secure account-to-account payment solutions, are entering a partnership to enable companies to innovate their cross-border payments capabilities to become predictable, instant, automated and secure globally.

By leveraging Zimpler’s instant payment capability and access to local accounts and Centiglobe’s payment rails, the partnership will enable unique solutions to specific segments, such as cross-border factoring, as well as broader innovative cross-border payment capabilities.

The cross-border factoring solution, launching in September, enables factoring companies to automate cross-border payments, collection, foreign exchange, funding and reconciliation processes. This way, manual routines can be eliminated and treasury operations automated. Access to local accounts for collection and instant payouts is a key solution component that is “plug & play” through a web interface.

In May, Zimpler announced its launch of instant cross-border payouts, allowing customers to instantly send Euros to all 20 Eurozone countries through SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), with no hidden fees or complex administrative work. As a next step, the partnership between Zimpler and Centiglobe will further enhance Zimpler’s cross-border payments capabilities, and enable instant payouts globally.

“Many companies today face challenges in their cross-border transactions. We are very excited that through the partnership with Zimpler, Centiglobe’s unique cross-border payments platform will go live with our first payments from EU to Sweden. We have several markets and currencies in integration phase and see that the demand for innovative solutions leveraging the advantages of secured tokenized deposits, such as Centiglobe’s, is rising quickly,” said Petter Sandgren, CEO at Centiglobe.

Johan Strand, CEO at Zimpler, added, “Zimpler’s launch of instant cross-border payments has been very promising. This partnership enables us to add further value to customers by improving these payments, helping to solve a real problem for many companies. It broadens our offering in the strategic B2B segment and extends our portfolio of services.” By combining their capabilities, the collaboration between Centiglobe and Zimpler helps companies unlock business value, meet customer demands and increase operational efficiency by offering innovative cross-border payment services based on new technology.

For further information, please contact:

Petter Sandgren, CEO Centiglobe

+46 (0) 709 598 011

Erik Zsiga, Head of Communications


+46 (0) 76 563 46 33

About Centiglobe

Centiglobe, founded in Sweden, is a front-runner in cross-border payment solutions and the link between traditional payments and tokenized assets. Centiglobes payments transaction platform is designed to unlock business value by transforming payments, resulting in reduced risk, and instant, predictable and secure transfer of value and data for banks, payment institutes and companies. Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn. PDF

About Zimpler

Zimpler is a financial solutions scaleup founded in Sweden in 2012. We uncomplicate business operations and accelerate growth with faster payments, stronger financial compliance and better service. With the sight set on the global stage, Zimpler aims to democratize payments and enable growth opportunities for businesses across the world. Read more on and follow us on LinkedIn.

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