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FinanceX Tech Magazine - The future of Global Payments

“Global Payments in Transformation” and the business impact of embracing new technology such as tokenized deposits is the theme as Centiglobe is featured in the brand new issue of  FinanceX Tech Magazine. It's an honor to be mentioned as a challenger in the payments industry.

“The rise of decentralized, collaborative networks backed by tokenized deposits enabling peer-to-peer banking relationships across borders will have a transformative impact on cross-border payments. Smaller, tech-savvy payment institutions will be able to challenge the old legacy banks as technology levels the playing field.”

At Centiglobe, we are dedicated to transforming the landscape of global payments. Our innovative approach leverages cutting-edge technology and multilateral governance to enhance trust and efficiency among all parties involved, enabling significant business impact for today's fast-paced financial environment, here as described in the FinanceX Tech Magazine article:

“Trust between the parties is created through multilateral governance and the technology enablers. Payments become instant and immutable with improvements in speed, security, operations, and costs. The result is the enablement of instant, secure, transparent, and predictable global payments for all participating parties.”

Read the full article here to explore how you can benefit from being a front-runner.

A big hand to the team at The Connector. - Koen Marcel K Vanderhoydonk, Wouter Bens, Sean Murphy, and others involved for taking the magazine live!

Don’t miss out! FinanceX Tech Magazine is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest developments in the field. This magazine represents a collaboration between The Connector and RegPac Revolution, and we're excited to share the first edition.

Read the full magazine here.


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