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Mainstreaming Tokenized Assets

Our CTO, Jonas Lantto, has summarized the key takeaways and insights from our event last week, exploring the topic of 'Opportunities and Challenges with Tokenized Assets.' The insights are categorized into three main areas: legal arrangements, efficient trading, and integration with existing payment systems, highlighting the importance of mainstreaming tokenized assets.

Insights from the Centiglobe Tokenization Event The Centiglobe seminar, held on Feb 1 2024, provided a deep dive into the evolving world of tokenized assets, emphasising the need for solid legal frameworks, efficient trading mechanisms, and broad market accessibility. These insights stem from discussions led by industry pioneers shedding light on the practical steps needed to navigate the complexities of tokenization.

Importance of Legal Arrangements for Tokenized Assets

Participants emphasised the importance of establishing robust legal frameworks for the tokenization of assets. Ensuring that these assets are underpinned by value and that their tokenized state is maintained over time is crucial. Governance mechanisms play a key role in this, ensuring that the management of the asset adheres to legal standards and provides stability and trust for investors.

Efficient Trading of Tokenized Assets

The seminar discussions emphasised the importance of not just creating a marketplace for the initial issuance (primary market) but also ensuring there's an efficient system for trading these assets on a secondary market. The idea of a peer-to-peer setup, leveraging blockchain's inherent capabilities, was discussed as a means to facilitate this. However, it was acknowledged that this approach might limit participation to those already engaged with cryptocurrencies, highlighting a gap in reaching a wider audience.

Integrating with Existing Payment Systems

A key topic of debate centred on the need to connect tokenized assets to the conventional financial system. The panellists at the seminar emphasised the significance of incorporating traditional fiat payment methods to draw a broader audience and achieve widespread acceptance. They highlighted the necessity of simplifying the management of digital wallets and private keys, aiming to make the process of investing in these assets as straightforward as engaging in traditional investment practices, like purchasing stocks. A secure delivery versus payment system is vital for safely transferring tokenized assets, connecting the realm of tokenization with traditional fiat payments.


The seminar on "Opportunities and Challenges with Tokenized Assets" underscored the transformative potential of tokenization, while also highlighting the practical challenges in legal structuring, market efficiency, and accessibility. As the industry moves forward, addressing these challenges will be key to unlocking the full potential of tokenized assets, making them a viable and attractive option for a broad spectrum of investors and participants in the global financial ecosystem.

2024 Mainstreaming Tokenized Assets - Insights from the Centiglobe Tokenization Event - Go
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