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New Partnership: Centiglobe*2Tokens

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with 2Tokens, a leading non-profit foundation aiming to achieve a shared understanding of the token economy. This public interest initiative is supported by a diverse community of technology companies, policymakers, financial advisors, banks, legal and regulatory experts, and academia. One concrete output is the contribution of white papers on how organizations can leverage tokenization to improve and thrive in their businesses.

At Centiglobe, we are committed to transforming cross-border payments based on tokenized deposits, and the collaboration with 2Tokens is yet another step forward. Our partnership with 2Tokens is driven by their mission to explore and promote the opportunities that tokenization creates. Joining a significant community that shares our passion for the transformational benefits of tokenization is incredibly motivating.

Furthermore, many of the initiatives that 2Tokens is driving require a smart payment solution that matches the scope of tokenized services. Centiglobe's contributions—including a technical platform, governance and legal framework, and leveraging tokenized deposits—could be a crucial piece in the puzzle of improving day-to-day business operations based on token-powered services.

We look forward to engaging with this community and driving innovation and disruption in the financial sector together.

Read more about 2Tokens Read more abut our partnership


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