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Our seminar about Tokenized Assets was a success.

Updated: Feb 5

Yesterday, we at Centiglobe arranged our first seminar and networking event filled with insights on the topic "Tokenized Assets - Opportunities and Challenges". A combination of the latest developments on the global and local scene were shared by true experts with deep insights in the megatrend that tokenized assets represents.

"The purpose of this seminar is to focus on and create a networking platform for the megatrend of tokenization and blockchain/DLT that we see is not getting proper attention in Sweden. Many mix up blockchain with crypto and speculation and are unaware of the fantastic opportunities that the megatrend of tokenization is bringing to businesses" said Centiglobe CEO Petter Sandgren in the opening lines. Then Petter shared how Centiglobe addresses the fiat payment settlement of tokenized assets and, with our Smart Pay solution, removes counterpart risk. This is accomplished through a delivery versus payment (DvP) mechanism.

A big Thank you to John Velissarios from Otranto Limited, Claus Skaaning from Digishares, Johan Toll from Chromaway, and Klas Malmén from Finansinspektionen Innovation Center, for generously sharing your profound insights and expertise in presentations and the dynamic panel, moderated by Sofi Håkanson.

We were honored to have a full house of great participants, representing a wide range of the financial services, fintech and tokenization ecosystem - thank you all for spending time with us to explore the Opportunities and Challenges of tokenized assets.

Do you want to know more, please contact us at

Photo by: Axel Mazetti-Nissen


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