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Centiglobe enters partnership with Atya, enabling DLT based instant cross-border payments between...

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Europe, India, UAE and Indonesia

Centiglobe is happy to announce our partnership with Atya, that will enable instant payment to Asian markets utilizing the Centiglobe blockchain ledger. This partnership will greatly contribute to our network, giving current members pay-in and pay-out access to the Asian market.

Petter Sandgren, CEO, said “These are very interesting markets with a large demand for improved payment capabilities from European corporations. We are happy to find such an innovative and experienced partner in the Asian market and the partnership with Atya will greatly benefit our partners. We are looking forward to working with the Atya team.”

Khwaab Bansal, Founder, said “We are excited to be a part of the Centiglobe Network and introduce a disruptive new technology for cross-border payments into the Asian market, enabling our customers to make instant global payments. We are looking forward to building a strong strategic partnership with the Centiglobe team.”

About the parties

Centiglobe is a financial infrastructure provider with a technology platform that enables financial institutions and international corporations to execute instant global payments across countries, continents and currencies.

Atya is a holding company for multiple financial service companies, with services such as; money transfer services, identity solutions, insurance and lending for the asian markets with over 70 000 merchants and 20 million end users of their services.


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