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Centiglobe enters strategic partnership with 6G Digital, enabling instant cross-border payments...

between Europe and South Asia.

Centiglobe today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with 6G Digital, a payments and related services provider, whose technology platform enables digital transformation in fast emerging economies in South Asia and elsewhere. The aim of the strategic partnership is to utilize Centiglobe’s platform within 6G Digital’s ecosystem to offer instant cost-effective cross-border payment solutions in the region. In addition, the strategic partnership will work with national governments to develop and implement secure and stable national digital currencies using Centiglobe’s proprietary distributed ledger technology and 6G Digital’s unique network of partnerships with national governments. Centiglobe is a financial infrastructure provider with a technology platform that enables financial institutions and international corporations to execute instant global payments across countries, continents and currencies. 6G Digital’s ecosystem consists of secure low-cost remittance and payment services, with wallet, digital banking and other features offered in partnership with national governments to provide cost-effective banking to foster financial inclusion, transparency and a unique payment experience on a national scale. 6G Digital focuses on helping emerging markets governments to transform their analog economies into digital economies. 6G Digital currently provides services from Europe to selected South Asian markets, including Vietnam.

Petter Sandgren (CEO), Centiglobe, said “We are excited about the partnership with 6G Digital. This takes us further on the journey of developing the financial industry, but also gives us access to many interesting and fast developing markets through 6G Digital’s unique operating model. We are grateful for the trust 6G Digital has given us and I believe the partnership will be beneficial to both parties.” Mr. MA Zaman, (Chairman), 6G Digital, said: “We have seen the huge impact of Nordic innovation on the development of financial technology in recent years. I am confident that Centiglobe’s technology will add value to our existing services and benefit our current clients in the fast-growing regions in which we operated. We are excited to partner with Centiglobe, one of Sweden’s most promising emerging technology companies and assisting their technology to scale in South Asia and elsewhere”. For further information, please contact: Petter Sandgren, CEO, Centiglobe: Email Mr. MA Zaman, CEO, 6G Digital International: Email


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