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Confidus Venture Capital invests in Centiglobe, an Instant Global Payment platform

Confidus Venture Capital today announced that it has concluded an agreement to acquire an equity stake in Centiglobe, a Stockholm based Fintech company offering an Instant Global Payment platform. Peter Dahlgren will join the Board of Directors. The total investment will exceed EUR 5mio over the investment period.

Centiglobe is an Instant Global Payment provider with a technology platform that enables financial institutions and international corporations to execute instant global payments across countries, continents and currencies. Centiglobe’s DLT based platform has the potential to disrupt the international payments industry as well as the corporate treasury liquidity management of today.

Henrik Gradin (Founder), Centiglobe, said:

“We are excited to have Confidus Venture Capital join us on our journey of developing the financial industry, offering instant global payments and automating payment processes. We are grateful to have Peter join the board. His experience from the financial sector including roles such as the CEO of Nordnet and Executive Board member at SEB will bring very valuable perspectives to automation and the financial industry which will be beneficial to us.”

Petter Sandgren (CEO), Centiglobe, said: “-Centiglobe will be using this infusion of funds from Confidus and other Angel Investors to invest further into its R&D capabilities to enhance the Centiglobe platform, secure patents as well as to further ramp up the sales and delivery capabilities in order to disrupt the international payments and treasury space”.

Confidus focuses on realizing long-term exponential growth in unique companies like Centiglobe, and raises its capital from experienced business people in control of their own funds.

Peter Dahlgren, Co-Founder, Confidus said:

“The philosophy of Confidus is to invest in companies with a disruptive capability that are underpinned by the megatrends of digitalisation and automation. We invest in high value and exclusive companies that we can help build together with the management team. The international payments and treasury space will become disrupted by players enabling instant, cost-effective transfers. We have been very impressed with the Centiglobe platform and the payment automation services that the Centiglobe team is building. This is very core to the changes that the payments and treasuries industries will be going through, and we are excited to be a part of this journey with a very talented management team.”


Centiglobe is a FinTech company incorporated in Stockholm, Sweden. The Centiglobe platform offers a single infrastructure that delivers frictionless instant payments in a multi-currency environment. The platform offers a decentralized, global solution that eliminates the need of the many intermediaries and that gives banks, financial institutions and businesses the possibility to send and receive payments globally. Instantly and directly between each other at a fraction of the cost compared to current solutions.

Confidus Venture Capital

Confidus is a niche Venture Capital firm based out of Stockholm, Sweden focused on investing in innovative and disruptive companies driving transformational automation across industries. With a very exclusive approach, Confidus works alongside founders and management teams of businesses that combine long-term transformational potential with solid short-term impact. With a strong focus on business fundamentals, we help our portfolio companies accelerate growth and realise their full potential.

For further information, please contact:

Petter Sandgren, CEO, Centiglobe : Email

Peter Dahlgren, Founding Partner, Confidus Venture Capital : Email

Erlend Reitan, Founding Partner, Confidus Venture Capital : Email


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