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Launching the new Centiglobe

- When I was introduced to Centiglobe a few months ago, I was immediately impressed by the ingenuity of its solution and its ability to address complex issues. The team at Centiglobe demonstrated a deep understanding of the financial industry and business processes, combined with exceptional leadership in DLT technology," says Sofi Håkanson, Head of Sales & Marketing at Centiglobe.

- However, initially, it was challenging to grasp the full extent of what Centiglobe offered due to some unclear message. To change this, we have over the past weeks been on a light-speed journey to make our smart DLT cross-border payment solutions more understandable. Through fantastic co-creation in the team, passion for what we do and lots of hard work we are proud to present our new and improved Centiglobe.

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Sofi and Petter


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