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Welcome Nikola!

It's our pleasure to welcome Nikola Gencic, a seasoned software developer with an impressive track record, to the Centiglobe family. Nikola's experience, which spans developing a bioinformatics processing platform, launching a mobile racing game, and enhancing fintech operations, as well as his expertise in mobile and web development, makes him a valuable member of our team.

"Nikola was drawn to Centiglobe by our interesting project that utilizes blockchain for traditional payment flows. 'I also enjoy building products from an early phase and seeing them mature and gain wide adoption," Nikola says.

Beyond the world of coding, Nikola likes to hit the ski slopes, set sail on the seas, or navigate the latest stock market developments. He also enjoys TV shows, books, and movies.

Given a day's superpower, he would choose teleportation—to explore the world's most fascinating places in an instant!

We warmly welcome Nikola! We're excited for the perspectives and creativity he brings to Centiglobe.


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