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Welcome to Centiglobe's seminar and afterwork
- Opportunities and challenges with tokenized assets 
1st of February 2024, Centiglobe's office at Linnégatan 2, 114 47 Stockholm
Doors open at 17:30
. The seminar is followed by drinks and snacks.

We are delighted to invite you and the ecosystem to our seminar where we will dwell deeper into the topic “Opportunities and challenges with tokenized assets”.

The rise of cryptographic tokens and decentralized applications on peer-to-peer networks has created a significant opportunity for tokenization. Tokenization enables the creation of unique and immutable digital representations of the world. Through tokenization, several bottlenecks regarding the issuance and trading of assets can be resolved. Tokenization opens up new opportunities in distribution, settlement, fractionalization, and access to diverse asset classes such as properties, royalties, private companies and traditional securities.


This megatrend is poised to have a profound impact on the world. A Boston Consulting Group study anticipates tokenized assets reaching a value of $11 trillion by 2030, signifying a transformative impact.*Dominant financial institutions invest heavily, but the low-cost entry for smaller marketplaces accelerates development.
* Boston Consulting Group, “Relevance of on-chain asset tokenization in ‘crypto winter” "



18:00 - Welcome: Introduction to Tokenization


John Velissarios, a global expert advisor on digital assets, digital financial Markets, and CBDCs, and former global managing director at Accenture, will provide an introduction and the latest updates about tokenization.

With over 30 years of experience in IT and financial services, John's expertise ranges from cryptography to digital currencies, digital assets, custody, security protocols, solution architecture, implementation, and secure operation for financial services clients, exchanges, and central banks, worldwide.

John was previously a managing director (partner) at Accenture, based in London, where he founded and led the global team for digital assets, custody, and central bank digital currencies which eventually transformed into the global digital financial markets business entity. John has pioneered innovative projects in the field of CBDC and digital assets for over 10 years, spearheading more than a dozen multi-year CBDC lighthouse implementation projects with leading global central banks.

18:15 - The real use-cases of tokenization


Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, and Petter Sandgren, CEO of Centiglobe, will provide insights into real use cases of tokenized assets and how they can be settled by tokenized deposits without counterparty risks.

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John Velissarios

Founder & Director



Claus Skaaning

CEO DigiShare

Claus Skaaning is the Founder and CEO of DigiShares, a global market leader in Real Estate Tokenization software. DigiShares provides white-label solutions for security token issuance, corporate management, and trading. The company expanded to all continents, with main offices located in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Miami. Claus has vast experience when it comes to tokenization of Real world assets and he also holds a PhD in computer science.


Petter Sandgren

CEO Centiglobe

Petter has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry in various roles and geographies, including Singapore and Sao Paulo, Brazil. More than 15y experience of Emerging Markets investing and trading in various asset classes. Extensive experience covering a broad range of clients from MNC’s to large financial institutions. Different senior management roles at Swedish Bank SEB, including Head of Markets Asia and Head of Emerging Markets.

18:40 - Pause



18:55 - 19:30 - Panel Discussion: "Opportunities and challenges with tokenized asset

We will discuss adoption, risks, and the possibilities brought by this new technology. Panelists include John Velissarios, Klas Malmén (the Financial Supervisory Authority, sv; Finansinspektionen), Johan Toll (ChromaWay) and Claus Skaaning (CEO DigiShare). The moderator for this discussion will be Sofi Håkanson from Centiglobe.

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John Velissarios

Founder & Director



Claus Skaaning

CEO DigiShare

Klas Malmén.jpeg

Klas Malmén

Senior coordinatior, Department of Innovation, the Financial Supervisory Authority



Sofi Håkansson

Head of Sales & Marketing

Sofi has in-depth knowledge of driving P&L, complex B2B sales, building teams and driving change to create win-win business relationships. She is a people connector and ideator combined with structure and a strong track record delivering outcomes and growth. She is passionate about partnering to enable successful change,  leveraging new technology.During her 30+ years at Accenture and IBM, she held senior positions including Managing Director, Head of Financial Services, Client Partner and Market Maker.

Johan Toll.jpg

Johan Toll

Strategy & Business development

19:30 - Drinks, snacks, and mingling

The invitation is personal and seats will be limited so please


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