New CEO in Centiglobe - Centiglobe has appointed Petter Sandgren as new CEO. Petter will succeed Henrik Gradin who takes on the role as Chief Strategy Officer.

Event 2021-07-01

Centiglobe Technologies is an innovative fintech company offering a blockchain based platform enabling cross-border payments in real-time.

Henrik Gradin

- I am proud of how Centiglobe has evolved and been able to create a cutting edge blockchain technology that enables international payments in real time. We now take the next step in commercialization and it is a good time for new leadership. This gives me the opportunity to spend more time with strategy and business development to further develop the Centiglobe platform and to ensure Centiglobe stays in the forefront.


Petter has worked in the company for more than 1 year and is now taking the step to become CEO. He has an impressive experience and knowledge in banking, foreign exchange and payments as well as experience in leading teams internationally. We see him as a fantastic asset in our commercialization phase.



- It will be very exciting to, together with my colleagues, have the opportunity to contribute to Centiglobe's growth. I am thankful for the opportunity to lead this company. Together we will do our best to create value for customers and to challenge the industry in global payments. We have already signed our first agreements and soon we will have our first transactions in place. Work is now beginning on intensifying  commercialization.


Petter has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry in different senior management roles at the Swedish Bank SEB, including Head of Markets Asia, Head of Emerging Markets Trading and Head Investor Services Sales. Petter also has experience as an investor and Board Member in different Fintech start-ups in Emerging Markets. We are looking forward to working together with Petter to continue to build Centiglobe as one of the leaders of instant global payments. #centiglobe #fintech  #instantpayments  #openbanking #payments


Centiglobe joins ISO20022 hackaton

Event 2021-03-30

Iso 20022.jpg

P27-utmanaren Centiglobe sjösätter multi-valutaplattform 2021

Article 2020-12-11


Centiglobe also in regard to the ISO20022 hackaton announced first open source library for decentralized messaging.

Last week Centiglobe participated in the ISO 20022 Hackathon "A Global hackathon to improve cross-border payments by using ISO 20022 and APIs" arranged by BIS and SWIFT. Our contribution was how decentralized messaging of ISO 20022 could improve cross border payments, find our contribution at our Youtube channel #centiglobe and join our first open-sourced repository!

Find our repository here:

Centiglobe planerar att, i början av 2021, sjösätta det blockkedjeteknikbaserade multi-valuta-betalningssystem som bolaget utvecklat. Med lanseringen i sikte pågår arbetet med en kapitalrunda för fullt, säger Dr. Henrik Gradin, grundare och vd i Centiglobe, till Realtid.

Hittills har Centiglobe genomfört en rad proof-of-concept mot olika wallets och med testtransaktioner. Nästa år börjar bolaget med riktiga transaktioner och satsar på en exponentiellt tillväxt. Idag omsätts tusentals miljarder genom CLS FX settlements varje dag, en liten andel av det kan redan skapa stora intäkter.

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Centiglobe joins EBAdays 2020 Fintech Zone 

Event 2020-11-24


Centiglobe announced as one of the Fintechs to be featured at EBAday 2020.

EBAday is the yearly conference of the Euro Banking Association, aiming to create dialog within thought leadership regarding innovation, regulatory implementations, and share experience amongst payments industry practitioners towards a pan-European vision for payments.

Cross-border payments - The road to profitability for European mobile wallets?

Interview 2020-06-04

Many mobile wallets in Europe are struggling with profitability. Incumbent banks and card companies still maintain a dominant position in B2C and in P2P payments margins are slim.

The cross-border payments market is still largely untapped by wallets despite high profitability both in B2C and P2P. Wallets are hesitant to enter the market due to concerns about risks related to AML and also a lack of capital to pre-fund accounts. These concerns can be mitigated by using the latest available technology in cross-border payments, opening up the road to profitability for European wallets. 

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Framtidens betalningar på blockchain med Henrik Gradin från Centiglobe

Interview 2020-05-10

Henrik Gradin is the founder at Swedish Fintech and Blockchain payment company Centiglobe

The future of financial transactions are changing. Listen to Henrik talking about the future of payments and the need of interoperability to providers.

Listen on the podcast

Henrik Gradin at STHLM FINTECH WEEK 2020

Event 2020-05-12


Henrik Gradin joining the Panel Discussion at STHLM Fintech Weeks decentralized finance track. 

Light your fire. PwC and Findec in an exciting new partnership.

News Article 2019-11-18

Centiglobe part of the first Bonfire cohort

The future of the financial eco-system is in our hands. Therefore, PwC and Findec have combined forces and started an accelerator program for young start-ups within Fintech Regtech and Insurtech. The Bonfire. Here you will build the foundation needed for your future growth. Get access to valuable expertise and coaching tailored to your needs. Together we spark more successful stories on the Swedish fintech- scene.

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Centiglobe builds infrastructure for global payments - First up, Bangladesh

Pressrelease 2019-10-30

Global payments in real-time with close to 90% lower cost.


Stockholm-based fintech startup Centiglobe is building a global payment infrastructure, with instant clearing between banks and mobile wallets. The project is made in collaboration with local actors and some of the major banks in Bangladesh. The first live transaction was successfully executed on September 13 this year.


“Right now, we want to help banks streamline internal transactions so we in the future also could help the people depending on remittance services to retain more of today's high fees. This is a big thing for guest workers who send money home to their families” says Martin Edward, who leads the project with Centiglobe in Bangladesh.


Centiglobe's vision is to change the global payment market with the help of new technology that streamlines international payments. Through a joint-research collaboration project with professors and other faculty from Stockholm School of Economics and The Royal Institute of Technology, the new solution allows costs to be reduced by close to 90 percent for international transactions and for the transactions to be made in real-time.

Centiglobe was founded in 2017 and builds the underlying infrastructure for international transactions. The company is now integrating the infrastructure in Bangladesh. A demo for international transactions between Swish in Sweden and a mobile-wallet player in Bangladesh was conducted successfully, and the first live transactions were successfully completed on September 13 this year.


“Our goal is to deliver a global infrastructure that enables faster, cheaper and more secure cross-border payments. In Bangladesh, there is a great need for real-time payments between different actors. Bangladesh is an interesting market where we can help the local actors, especially now that larger global companies in the payment-arena are starting to enter the market”, says Henrik Gradin, CEO and founder of Centiglobe.


In short, Centiglobe is developing a real-time clearing and transaction system where currency conversion is done automatically in the system. The system is based on a decentralized database that enables a higher level of transparency and traceability of transactions. This week Centiglobe was announced one of five Swedish startups selected to PwC and Findec new accelerator program, The Bonfire.


For questions:

Embassy House, Linnégatan 89C, 112 30 Stockholm

Svensk startup vill utmana Ripple – tar in sex miljoner kronor i riskkapital

News Article 2019-10-29

Genom snabba internationella betalningar och lägre kostnader vill nu svenska startupen Centiglobe göra världens penninghandel mer demokratisk.

Att skicka pengar internationellt kan i dag ta upp till tre dagar, bland annat på grund av de många mellanhänder som finns.

Det här är något som den svenska startupen Centiglobe vill ändra på. Deras affärsidé är att göra betalningar och pengaöverföringar enklare, billigare och snabbare.

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Svensk startup vill bli världens nav för transaktioner

News Article 2019-10-29

Svensk startup vill bli världens nav för transaktioner

Sekundsnabba överföringar för internationella betalningar. Och sänkta kostnader med upp till 90 procent. Svenska Centiglobe vill demokratisera världens penninghandel.

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